I was thinking that as an introduction or background regarding malays, it is normal practice in both academic and practitioner's world that we begin with historical elucidation. While there are many internet sources on malay history are available in malay and english languages, finding all-in-one textbook like sequential topics are quite hard for non-malaysians. The best way, of course, is to borrow or buy a malay historical book. A credential one, I mean.

This link can also provide you with the background history of ancient Kedah or kataha back a few thousand years ago. I read somewhere that malay history in Malaysia/Malaya began 6,000 years ago... And that (I read somewhere also) Prophet Adam 'alaihissolatu wassalam was already 9,000 plus years. That means men have spread quickly from Adam and Eve in Mount Arafat (in Saudi Arabia) to the east, west, south and north of the world including Malaya/Malaysia.

Allah swt has created the universe a thousand million years ago. After that, Allah has mentioned in the Al-Quran that Allah wants to create a man in this world as a khalifah (vicegerent). The angels nodded agreement to Allah's question to them. However, the satans, boastly, did not agree as they believe that they are the chosen creation by Allah swt since they were created from fire while Adam was from earth. This should mean that satan is higher degree from Adam from satan's point of views. Allah has cursed wrath on satan and created Adam and then Eve later until they were expelled from heaven to the earth...

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